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Mommy Life

Mommy Life is a collection of ideas, encouragement, resources, tips and ideas for living life as a mommy, spending fun quality time with your family, and parenting from a Christian perspective.

Praying for Your Family

A woman praying with anopen bible

We all have special prayer requests for our families, as well as ourselves. We want the Lord to keep our husbands safe and bless them as they’re at work and as they travel. We want the Lord to help our children to grow to know Jesus as their personal Savior. With so much at stake,

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Hand Washing Activities for Preschoolers


Handwashing is one of the life skills that all children need to master at an early age. Fortunately for parents, preschoolers love to play in the water. For most young learners, all that’s needed is a soap dispenser, some clean water and a hand towel, and ta-dah! You have an instant fun hand-washing activity that also doubles as a personal hygiene lesson.  But for some young children, hand washing is

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