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18 Life-Long Homeschool Goals

Goals give us direction. If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know when you get there?

Take some time to pray over what you want to accomplish. Use your homeschool mission statement as a guide.

Keep your goals simple. For our homeschool goals, a bullet list worked perfect for us. These were goals we wanted to see achieved when homeschooling was over.

Having your goals written out can greatly help save time and money because it gives you guidelines for what to teach, what curriculum and resources to invest in, and what extracurricular activities to pursue. Everything you choose for your homeschool venture should bring you closer to reaching the goals you listed and avoid pulling you further away from them.

Here’s a list of the 18 homeschool goals we wanted to see our child achieve by the time she graduated. Use this list to inspire writing a list of your own. ( Feel free to borrow any of these goals to add to your list.)

A family cheering
  1. Love Jesus and keep Him as the center of her/his life
  2. Develop skills, knowledge, and talents to love and serve God and her/his ‘neighbors’
  3. Love learning and not separate it from the rest of her/his life
  4. Know how to find and use Information
  5. Gain full usable knowledge of the Bible, math, history( World, US, and State), geography, reading, spelling, writing, grammar, and science.
  6. Appreciate music art and literature
  7. Have a strong self-image
  8. Have the high morals
  9. Always try her/his best
  10. Think for herself/himself, question things
  11. Maintain a physically fit and healthy lifestyle
  12. Be responsible
  13. Be patriotic
  14. Use proper manners in social situations
  15. Master life skills
  16. Respect legitimate authority
  17. Use wisdom, common sense, and discernment to make wise decisions
  18. Have knowledge and skills to become a wonderful godly wife and mother / husband and father

Use the button above to download and print of copy of this list to refer to and use as inspiration!

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