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Homeschooling Requirements by State

Written by Debbie Brown | October 28, 2022

In the United States, homeschooling is legal in all 50 states but each state has its own laws and requirements.

Some states are more homeschool friendly than others but even in the more challenging states, there are options that allow families to meet those challenges.

Homeschooling Requirements By State

If you are only homeschooling preschoolers at this point, homeschool state requirements and laws will not affect you yet. 

Homeschool laws and regulations take effect once a child has reached school age. The age children are required to start school also varies from state to state.

(NOTE : Some states may have laws or requirements if your child has already been enrolled in preschool or kindergarten even if they are younger than the age required)

Age for Starting School

Below you’ll find a list showing the age children are required to start school for each state. It’s at that point you’ll be required to follow your state’s laws and requirements concerning schooling.

Alabama – age 6

Alaska – age 7

Arizona – age 6

Arkansas – age 5

California – age 6

Colorado – age 5

Connecticut – age 5

Delaware – age 5

Florida – age 6

Georgia – age 6

Hawaii – age 5

Idaho – age 7

Illinois – age 6

Indiana – age 7

Iowa – age 6

Kansas – age 7

Kentucky – age 6

Louisiana – age 5

Maine – age 6

Maryland – age 5

Massachusetts – age 6

Michigan – age 6

Minnesota – age 7

Mississippi – age 6

Missouri – age 7

Montana – age 7

Nebraska – age 6

Nevada – age 7

New Hampshire – age 6

New Jersey – age 6

New Mexico – age 5

New York – age 6

North Carolina – age 7

North Dakota – age 7

Ohio – age 6

Oklahoma – age 5

Oregon – age 6

Pennsylvania – age 6

Rhode Island – age 6

South Carolina – age 5

South Dakota – age 6

Tennessee – age 6

Texas – age 6

Utah – age 6

Vermont – age 6

Virginia – age 5

Washington – age 8

HSLDA (Homeschool Legal Defense Association)

Even though your oldest child may not be required to start school yet, you’ll still want to know what your state’s homeschool requirements are. Where do you find them? My suggestion is HSLDA (Homeschool Legal Defense Association). Their site has everything you need to know, to legally homeschool in your state. I strongly urge anyone homeschooling to become an HSLDA member. (I have no affiliation with them.- I just can’t imagine homeschooling without their support. My family was a member with them throughout our entire homeschool journey. ) Here’s a few ways they’ll help you as a homeschool family:

  • They’ll keep you informed about homeschool laws both nationally and in your state.
  • They support lawyers fighting to defend your freedom to homeschool.
  • Their site provides a wealth of information for homeschooling help you may need as your child grows older (help to choose curriculum, record keeping, testing, diplomas, and more)
  • They have a list of local and state support groups.
  • As a member, they’ll provide legal help if you ever need it ( included in your membership)

Just a word of caution about getting homeschool information from your local department of education. They often don’t know what the homeschool laws are and as a result may, tell you more is required than actually is ( I’ve seen this done).

What Are My States Homeschool Requirements?

Find you’re state’s requirements on HSLDA through the link below.

This article is for informational purposes only and should not in any way be considered legal advice – that’s HSLDAs job – lol.

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