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The Ultimate List of Books About Shapes

Written by Debbie Brown | May 24, 2022

Shapes are one of the first math concepts children learn. Shapes are all around us and are easy for children to find. They can see them in their toys, their food and in patterns on their clothes.

I’ve compiled this list into three sections for convenience. Use it as a guide. Most children will enjoy some of the books from all three lists.

Mom reading to two kids about shapes

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The Ultimate List of Books About Shapes

At the end of this post, I’m sharing a printable list you can use to look for these books at the library, yard sales, used book stores or where ever you may look for your books. I’ve also included Amazon links for those who prefer to order them from there.

Mom reading to a toddler

Books About Shapes for Toddlers

Toddlers might also enjoy some of the books from the Preschool List.

My Very First Book of Shapes by Eric Carle

Little ones will have fun matching pictures in this book. The pages are split in two. The top half shows a shape and your child tries to find a picture on one of the bottom half pages that has that same shape.

My Heart is Like a Zoo by Michael Hall

All the zoo animals in this book are made up of hearts for your child to find and count.

Circles by Yusuke Yonezu

This book has simple pictures with one bright color on each page making it a perfect book for the youngest of learners.

Babies Love Shapes by Cottage Door Press

This is a fun book for little ones to explore shapes hidden in pictures and under flaps.

Stanley’s Shapes by William Bee

Toddlers learn about shapes as they join Stanley on a vacation trip with Little Woo.

The Tiny Traveler: Egypt Book of Shapes by Misti Kenison

This fun board book takes toddlers to the desert of Egypt and explores shapes while visiting pyramids, camels, and other Egyptian landmarks.

Dinosaur Shapes by Laila Hills

Here’s a book for young dinosaur lovers! Without using dinosaur names this dinosaur theme and rhyming text are sure to keep your little one’s attention as they explore the shapes that are on each dinosaur.

Away We Go! by Chieu Anh Urban

Cut-out shapes make this a fun book for toddlers. The sturdy pages are just inviting little ones to trace the shapes with their fingers, and hands-on activities like that help reinforce learning.

Books About Shapes for Preschoolers

Mom reading to preschool daughter

Preschoolers may also enjoy some of the books from both the Toddler List and the Kindergarten List.

Circus Shapes by Stuart J Murphy

Preschoolers will love this book from the Math Start Series as it explores shapes at a circus.

Mail Duck by Erica Sirotich

This is a fun interactive book. Children lift flaps to see what’s inside the packages Mail Duck delivers to his woodland friends. In addition to learning shapes, beginning letter sounds can also be pointed out as each house has a letter that starts with the name of the animal who live there.

Bulldozer’s Shapes (Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site) by Sherri Duskey Rinker

This is an ideal book for children who are fascinated by construction vehicles. The story is told in a rhyming pattern which helps make the text predictable as children guess the shapes that are being made.

The Day it Rained Hearts by Felicia Bond

This is a sweet story about the day it rained hearts and the girl who collected them to give away as Valentines.

Walter’s Wonderful Web by Tim Hopgood

A determined spider explores shapes as he constructs his web. In addition to teaching preschoolers shapes, this book teaches the valuable lesson of persistence. If something doesn’t work try something else – but don’t give up!

Mouse Shapes by Ellen Stoll Walsh

Three mice find a funny way to hide from a cat using shapes. This is a great book to follow up on by having children make their own pictures from shapes.

I Spy With My Little Eye…Shapes 2D & 3D Shapes by Maria Yiangou

This introduces 2D and 3D shapes to preschoolers. One page has the child trying to find a particular shape and the following page reveals the answer.

Poke- a Dot: Shapes With Blue by Melissa and Doug

This is an awesome book for preschoolers. As children poke clicking dots and use their thinking skills to figure out Blue’s Clues, chances are they won’t even realize this book is teaching them shapes – lol.

This is a great series by Sarah Schuette for teaching or reviewing shapes that children can find in everyday items. The pictures are bright and the text is told in rhymes that’ll keep preschoolers’ attention. Each book ends with question activities to further instill learning.

Books About Shapes for Kindergarten

Kindergarten boy reading a book to himself

Kindergarteners will also enjoy many of the books from the Preschool List.

Captain Invincible and the Space Shapes by Stuart Murphy

This is the kind of book that makes math FUN! The story is told in a comic book-type format. This space adventure is loaded with action as Captain Invincible and his dog Comet use what they know about 3-D shapes to get back home to Earth. As with all the MATH START books, this one has several activity suggestions to do with your child.

What Could it Be? By Sally Fawcett

This is a fun interactive math book that encourages thinking and imagination. One page has a boy drawing a shape. The page on the opposite side poses the question, “What else could it be?” A suggestion is given and encourages the reader to think of their own ideas. The following page spread has the child looking for the shape in different colors, hidden in everyday objects, somewhere in the scene.

Can You See a Circle? by Ruth Musgrave

This book shares some beautiful nature photos for children to find shapes in.

Pick a Circle Gather Squares by Felicia Sanzari Chernesky

This story takes place in the fall as a family takes a trip to a pumpkin patch. Children look for shapes in the collage paper pictures throughout the book as the rhyming text tells the story.

Shapes (Picture This) by Judith Nouvion

This fascinating book observes shapes from stunning photos of animals in nature. One picture per page. This goes beyond basic shapes and explores lines, curves, and dots as well as more advanced shapes like trapezoids. Kids will love it!

National Geographic Kids Look and Learn: Shapes!

This book not only has vibrant photos where children look for shapes it also sprinkles the question “Guess What?”and then shares a fascinating fact that further engages children in learning.

Shaping Up Summer by Lizann Flat

A playful rhyming book that explores shapes in nature and makes learning fun. This book goes beyond basic shapes and explores concepts like parallel lines and shapes like spheres. Science facts are sprinkled in making this an excellent book for kindergarten.

A Trapezoid is NOT a Dinosaur! by Suzanne Morris

This is a silly book that is sure to make ‘trapezoid’ a shape name that kids will remember. Trapezoid wants to be part of a play that the other shapes are putting on but first, he has to convince them that trapezoids aren’t dinosaurs.

Love, Triangle by Marcie Collen

This shape story is about friendship. Square and Circle have always been best friends. Triangle comes along and Square and Circle eventually discover all three of them can be best friends.

Your Free Printable Shapes Book List

Here is your free printable list of the shape books above for you to take to the library, yard sales or wherever you look for books.

A boy under a tree reading a book. This is the link to the free printable shapes book list.

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