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Under the Sea Crayon Resist Art

Written by Debbie Brown | May 4, 2022

This under the sea crayon resist art project is a preschool favorite. This art technique gives kids a simple experience with the concept of cause and effect.

You’re little one will love creating a picture that looks almost invisible and then watching the scene be revealed as it pops to life when they paint over it. They can see first hand how the crayon is resisting the paint.

Under the Sea Crayon Resist Art

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Whether you are looking for an ocean craft idea, a letter U craft project or just a cool art project for kids, your little one is sure to have fun creating their own underwater scene drawing! Grab your own piece of paper and join them!

Under the Sea Crayon Resist Art

Materials you need white cardstock, blue paint, a small container of water, a paintbrush and a white crayon.

Materials You Need:

  • a paintbrush
  • a white crayonart
  • white card stock (construction paper will do)
  • a small water cup/ container
  • blue paint


blue paint in a cup of water
  1. Add paint to the water
    • Add about 1 oz of water into a small cup/container.
    • Then add about 1 tbs of paint into the water. ( We just scoop some out with our paintbrush.)
blue paint and a water with blue paint in a cup

2. Mix the water and the paint together with the paintbrush.

Drawing an under the sea scene with a white crayon. Cartoon whale on the side.

3. Draw an under the sea scene Have your child create an under the sea scene with their crayon. They should be able to see the crayon drawing enough to know where to draw their pictures.

paper and a white crayon

4. Paint the scene. Have them paint the blue water paint over the entire picture. (Be careful they don’t overpaint it or it may tear the paper. )

wiping paint with paper towel

5. Wipe excess paint off When your child is finished painting their picture have them gently wipe or blot the excess paint with a paper towel.

Under the Sea Crayon resist art drawing

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