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Preschool Themes

Preschool themes are an excellent way to plan out what you want to teach your child. During these early years, children are sponges, soaking in everything. The whole world is exciting with so many things to see and do. They want to feel and touch and explore. They have lots of questions and they look to you to help them find answers.

Letter blocks that spell out Preschool Themes. On the left is a boy dress as a construction worker and the right is a girl dancing. in the center is a dinosaur.

Preschool Themes

How do you choose a learning theme? Start with what your child is interested in then explore that interest together, with books, songs, games, art projects, dramatic play, hands-on learning activities, field trips, and learning videos. Also, keep in mind your child’s skill level, what they already know so you can build on it, and what their learning style is.

How do you use themes for preschool lesson plans?

Once you have a theme you can use it to teach preschool skills and concepts in a way your child will be interested in. For instance, with a dinosaur theme, you could:

  • count plastic dinosaurs ( math)
  • have your child dictate a story about a dinosaur and draw pictures (language arts, art)
  • use blocks to measure how tall a toy dinosaur is (math)
  • sort plastic dinosaurs by color ( science)
  • go on an archeological dig and dig up dinosaurs in a sandbox (science, fine motor, gross motor)
  • move like a dinosaur ( gross motor skills)
  • take a trip to a place like the Creation Museum that features dinosaurs(nature/science)
  • sing songs about dinosaurs ( music)
  • stomp plastic dinosaurs in paint and stomp them on paper ( arts and crafts, fine motor)
  • visit the library to look for preschool dinosaur books like Suppose You Meet a Dinosaur, A First Book of Manners by Judy Sierra to read together ( literacy, science, manners)

Seasonal Themes

Science Preschool Themes

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Holiday Themes

Preschool Book Lists

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Music / Arts and Crafts

Songs by Themes

Teaching with songs is a fun and effective way to help preschoolers learn new information. Here’s a collection of Favorite Preschool Songs on Spotify by Theme. Here you can find fun songs preschoolers love to add to your lesson plans.

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Winter scene with boy and a snowman  in front of a winter tree, A spring scene with muddy boy in front of a spring tree A summer scene with 3 children looking at a turtle in front of a summer tree Fall scene with a girl carrying a basket of vegetables in front of a fall tree.

You can find tons of theme ideas on my Tothood 101 Pinterest. I’ve been pinning the best of the best for years!

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