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A preschool boy  and girl looking at a book. Link to Booklists

Boy with letter A and an apple. Language Arts link

boy on farm holding pic of 3 apples
baby with ball - block pattern
numbers on a wooden toy train


Frog books for preschoolers
Vulture, toucan, duck, humming bird, eagle. cardinal
Cartoons of 2 ants on a hill 1 ant under the hill

Looking for songs preschoolers love? Find preschool song playlists on Spotify that your child can enjoy throughout the year.

  • Anytime Songs
  • Movement Songs
  • ABCs
  • Counting
  • Bible (Moderate and Traditional)
  • FUN Classical Music for Preschoolers
  • Nursery Rhymes
  • Thanksgiving Songs

…and more! There are even some storytime playlists!

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