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10 Frog Math Games

Frog Math Games

Frog Math Games

Here are 10 fun Frog Math Games you can play with your child to help them practice some of their math skills.

I’ve included a free download below that has numbered lily pads and frogs you’ll need to do these activities (but if you have plastic frogs, that would be awesome, you could use those instead.) The download also includes a list of the games below.

  1. Counting Lily (Skill: Counting with Numerals)
    • Line up the lily pads in numerical order and let your child count them.
  2. Counting Frogs (Skill: Count Items)
    • Line up the frogs and have your child count them. Add more as they are ready.
  3. Counting Frogs for Lily Pads (Skill: Number Recognition and Counting)
    • Count out the right number of frogs for the number on each lily pad.
  4. Number Hop (Skill: Number Recognition and Gross Motor)
    • Scatter the lily pads around a room then call out a number. Your child then hops to the number you told them to find..
  5. What Number is It? (Skill: Identifying Numbers and Gross Motor)
    • Scatter the lily pads around a room then have your child hop to a lily pad and tell you what number it is.
  6. Lily Pads in Numerical Order
    • Shuffle the lily pads then let your child lay them out in order.
  7. Before and After Numbers Game (Number Identification and Critical Thinking)
    • Put down a lily pad and let you child tell you the number that comes before and after.
  8. What Number is Missing? (Numeral Identification and Critical Thinking)
    • Line up the lily pads in numerical order. Have your child shut their eyes and then you take away a card. Let them guess what number is missing.
  9. More or Less Game
    • Set up a lily pad with the wrong number of frogs on it. Ask your child to tell you if they need more or less frogs to match that number.
  10. Adding and Subtracting
    • Start with frogs on two of the lily pads. Then make up a short story, for example: 2 frogs are on this lily pad and they see this 1 frog, over here all by himself. They all want to play together. What lily pad would they have to move to?
      • You can give them a hint like: If there are 2 frogs here plus 1 more, how many frogs are there, what is 2+1?
      • Let them count the frogs if they need to.

Frog Math Games

Here’s the free download for the frogs and lily pads needed to play all 10 of the frog math games above.

Math frog games.  Download link below.

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