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Creative Preschool Frog Activities

Written by Debbie Brown | March 1, 2023

Preschoolers are fascinated with frogs and understandably so. They’re slimy and jumpy. They make cool sounds, catch food with their sticky tongues – and love to play and splash in the water! This collection of preschool frog activities has been designed to build on that fascination.

Frog on a lily pad

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Preschool Frog Activities

  • Fun Frog Facts
    • Toads are bumpy frogs.
    • Frogs like damp places like gardens or around ponds, lakes, or streams. Some live in trees and others live underground.
    • You can find frogs on every continent except Antarctica.
    • Frogs use their sticky tongues to catch things like flies, bugs, spiders and worms. Some can even eat small rodents.
    • Many frogs have upper teeth, but they’re not for chewing they’re for holding on to their food until they can swallow it.
    • When they eat, they swallow their food whole. Frogs use their eyes to help push their food back.
    • Frogs don’t need to drink because they absorb water through their skin.

1. Amphibian is a big word to share with your child (preschoolers love being able to use big words like this). Explain that amphibians live part of their life in the water and part on land.

2. Help them make a list or put together a book of things they already know about frogs. ( You can write and they can draw pictures)

3. Help them make a list of things they want to know about frogs.

Ask your child questions and encourage them to come up with some of their own questions, to get them more involved in the learning process. Here’s a few based on the Fun Frog Facts (above) to get you started:

  • Where do frogs live?
  • Do frogs have teeth?
  • Do frogs have ears?
  • What do frogs eat?
  • Do frogs drink water?
  • How do frogs breathe?
  • What sounds do frogs make?

4. Explore the life cycle of a frog.

Metamorphosis is another big word. This is when a baby animal looks completely different when they change into an adult. Like a tadpole changing into a frog or a caterpillar changing into a butterfly.

A boy looking at a jar of tadpoles

5. If possible let your child collect tadpoles from a pond and watch them turn into frogs. ( You can even get tadpole food from a pet store to ensure they eat well.)

6. Make a frog sensory bin. Here’s a great one to give you some ideas, Frog and Pond Habitat Sensory Bin by Life Over C’s.

7. Read some great books about frogs. Check out Fantastic Frog Book Picture Books for Preschoolers. You’ll even find a free printable list to take to the library.

Preschool Frog Crafts

Have fun with these adorable easy frog crafts!

Frogs in the Bible

You could talk about God creating frogs and Adam naming them. (Note: Generally, preschoolers are too young and not ready for the story of the frogs with Moses and the 10 plagues. You know your child best )

Preschool Frog Printables

Show your child the stages of a frog with these Life Cycle of A Frog cards. Just print, cut, and enjoy!

Free life cycle of a frog cards

Continue the learning fun with these frog coloring pages. They are free and download instantly!

Free Frog Coloring Pages

Be sure to check the Frog Math Games on our Etsy store. Use the code RIBBIT50 to get it for 1/2 price!

Frog Math Game pintables link to Tothood 101 Etys Store

Frog Songs for Preschoolers

Here’s a really fun list of frog songs for preschoolers. They are all included on my Spotify Frog Playlist (link below)

  • Five Little Speckled Frogs by Bounce Patrol
  • Galumph Went the Little Green Frog by The Wiggles
  • Frog Song by Charlie Hope
  • Ten Sleepy Frogs by the Countdown Kids
  • Tilly the Tadpole by Splash’N Boots
  • Life Cycle of a Frog by Kiddoland
  • Baby Frog by Baby Sensory
  • Mr. Frog by Play School
  • Five Little Frogs by Raffi
Preschool frog songs playlist on Spotify

More Great Frog Resources

Here are some more awesome resources for preschool frog activities:

If you’re looking for more science activities for preschoolers be sure to check out:

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