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Letter U Preschool Activities

Here’s a unique collection of letter U activities organized into categories so you can pick and choose as you plan out learning activities for your little one.

Things that start with the letter U for preschoolers.

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Letter U Preschool Activities

  • Throw an Unbirthday Party
    • What exactly is an unbirthday party? It’s a birthday party when it’s not your birthday. The concept is from Alice and Wonderland but preschoolers don’t need to watch the movie to enjoy a silly fun unbirthday party. ( I don’t recommend preschoolers watch the movie, even the classic Disney cartoon version. Most preschoolers would be bored and not understand what is going on. (I personally would just wait until they’re older and read the book)
    • Your child can make up unbirthday party invitations. You can make an unbirthday cake together and put up unbirthday decorations.
  • Umbrella Ball Toss
    • turn an umbrella upside down and toss small lightweight balls into it.
  • UPS truck Hunt
    • Take a ride and look for UPS trucks
  • Try playing a toy ukulele
  • Up / Down Color Game
    • Pick 2 items that have different colors (Ex 2 balls, 2 Legos, 2 blocks…)
    • Lay them out in from of your child
    • Give instructions like: “Red up. Blue up” (Both hands should be holding an item up in the air) “Blue down, blue up, blue down, red down….” This can cause lots of giggles and doubles as a great gross motor skills activity.
  • Guess What’s Under Here Game
    • Use a small blanket and hide an item underneath, one at a time – let your child try to guess what it is by looking at the shape or feeling it thru the blanket.

Letter U Sound

The Letter U makes a short sound as in umbrella and a long sound when it says its own name as in unicycle.

Letter U Crafts for Preschoolers

Letter U Crafts for preschoolers

Here are some fun Letter U craft ideas your preschooler would enjoy.

Crayon resist under the sea preschool art picture

Letter U Bible

For Letter U Bible we have to be a little creative because there aren’t many preschool words that start with the letter U. Some suggested topics, using a children’s Bible might be:

  • God creating the universe and everything in it
  • Jonah under the sea
  • The Wiseman following the star that was up in the sky
  • Jesus going up to heaven

Letter U Books

5 great letter U books to share with your little one.

A Great Day for Up by Dr. Seuss

Everything is up – well almost everything. The silly illustrations and the fun rhyming text makes this a book preschoolers will love.

Over and Under the Pond by Kate Messner

Nature-loving preschoolers will be fascinated to see the plants and animals that live under and around the pond.

The Umbrella by Jan Brett

If you like Jan Brett’s classical story of The Mitten, you are sure to love this one as well. Instead of all the animals trying to squeeze into a mitten dropped in the snow, in this story all the animals are trying to squeeze into a leaf umbrella dropped in the rainforest.

Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt: by Kate Messner

This book explores things that grow up in the garden as well as all the busy activity going on under it.

Wombat Underground: A Wildfire Survival Story by Sarah L Thomson

A wonderful story giving a glimpse of some of Australia’s most fascinating animals. Inspired by wildfires that took place in Australia, this story shows how a wombat shares his home to help save the lives of some of the other animals.

Letter U Worksheets for Preschoolers

Letter U worksheets for preschooler pdf download.

You can find more ideas to use with the Letter U in Alphabet Activities for Preschoolers.

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