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What’s Inside The Whale Activity

Written by Debbie Brown | July 13, 2022

Save those pant legs from those jeans you want to turn into shorts and use them for this super simple, What’s Inside the Whale Activity.

Pant leg whale with small items in its mouth like chalk and clothespin

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What’s Inside the Whale

This is a fun guessing game activity that preschoolers could play during an ocean theme studying whales or when learning the Bible story of Jonah and the whale.

How to Make the Whale

Supplies You’ll Need

  • a pant leg from a pair of jeans you want to turn into shorts.
  • scissors
  • a rubber band
  • a large wiggle googly eye
  • items your child would be familiar with (to go inside the whale)
Pant leg shaped like a whale

Step 1: Shape the pant leg to look like the shape of a whale.

cutting the pant leg

Step 2: Cut straight across.

piece of a pant leg tied off with a rubber band

Step 3: Tie the cut end off with a heavy rubber band ( yarn would work too).

wiggle eye added to pant leg whale

Step 4: Stick on a large wiggle googly eye. I used a 30mm. I got it in a multi-pack from Amazon.

Pant leg whale with small items in its mouth like chalk and clothespin.

Step 5: Find familiar items to hide inside the whale.

How to Play What’s Inside the Whale

This activity can be played in serval ways:

Activity 1 – Have your child stick their hand in and pick one item to hold and feel. Have them tell you what item they think they are holding and then let them pull it out to see if they were right.

Activity 2 – Name an item for your child to find. Let them feel around inside the whale, and when they think they found it, let them pull it out.

Activity 3 – Stick one familiar item inside the whale. Let your child squeeze the whale from the outside to see if they can tell what the item is.

Activity 4 – Use different shaped blocks or magnet numbers as your item for any of the above activities.

Activity 5 – Put different colored bear counters, colored blocks, or some other similar item. Put in five of one color and 1 of another color. Have your child put their hand and pull one item out. Is it the odd color (the one there was only one of)?

You could play this with several people and the first person who gets the odd color on their turn is the winner.

cartoon whale

I’d love to hear other ways you’ve used this activity. Please share in the comments below.

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