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10 Painting Activities for Preschoolers

Art is more than just fun. As preschoolers use tools to paint with, it helps them develop fine motor skills – hand-eye coordination, which in turn, will help in other areas like handwriting.

Let them express their creativity. Show them how to use the tools (cup, feather, marble) but let them decide how they want their picture to look without ‘fixing it.’ If they are only painting one section of their paper, or dabbing instead of brushing or vice versa, that’s ok. Let them have fun and create!

Cartoon picture of kids painting with their hands

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Below you’ll find 10 fun painting activities for preschoolers that use a tool other than a paintbrush. These art projects can be used as jumpstart ideas that encourage your toddler or preschooler to come up with their own ideas to use as painting tools.

These can be done with any color or you can choose colors of paint to go with a holiday or season. For instance:

  • green for St. Patrick’s Day
  • yellow, pink, purple, light blue, or light green for spring or Easter
  • red and blue for patriotic holidays (USA)
  • brown, yellow, and orange for a Fall Theme or Thanksgiving
  • red and green for Christmas

10 Painting Activities for Preschoolers

1. Circle Art Painting with Cups

Cup painting activity done with blue and red paint.

This is a fun, easy circle activity for toddlers and preschoolers. Dip a cup into paint and create your design.

2. Feather Painting

Painting with a feather

3. Paint with Plastic Bugs

Plastic bug painting activity using a plastic praying mantis, and cricket and a centipede dipped in paint and placed on paper.

A cool activity to use with a bug theme. Other ideas you could try:

  • plastic dinosaur, farm, ocean, or zoo animals
  • some of Daddy’s old plastic fishing worms (with his permission, of course)
  • younger preschools may like bigger items like rubber ducks

4. Bottle Cap Painting

Bottle cap painting activity done with purple, green, and yellow paint.

5. Lego Painting

Lego Blocks painting activity done with green and red paint.

You could also use this as a color matching activity – matching the Lego with the color of the paint

6. Marble Painting

Marble painting activity done with blue and purple paint.

This is always a favorite painting activity with preschoolers!

7. Painting with Cars

Car painting activity done with two cars.

8 . Q – Tip Painting

Q-tip painting activity done with blue, yellow, green, and red paint.

Cookie cutter painting activity done with a star shape dipped in yellow and orange paint.

10. Fork Painting

Fork painting activity done with purple and blue paint.

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