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Letter H Activities for Preschoolers

Here’s a huge collection of letter H activities for preschoolers. These ideas and word lists are organized into categories so you can pick and choose as you plan out learning activities for your little one.

Whether you are doing a letter of the week or looking for ways to help your child discover and learn more about the world around them, these letter H activity ideas have been designed to give your child new learning experiences.

Pictures of things that start with the Letter H

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Letter H Preschool Activities

  • play hopscotch
  • play with hula hoops
  • hammer nails into a cardboard box
  • build a cardboard house
  • practice humming
  • plan a Hawaiian luau
  • make the letter H with sticker hearts
  • punch holes with a hole puncher ( it’s also a great fine motor skill activity)
  • play the game Hungry Hungry Hippos
  • talk about opposites
    • hot / cold
    • high/ low
    • huge / small
    • heavy / light
    • happy / sad

Letter H Sound

The Letter H makes the sound /h/ as in hat.

Animals That Start With H

Depending on where you live, there are several fun animals on this list you can try to see.

  • Suggested activities:
    • Set up a hummingbird feeder.
    • Find a place where your child can ride a pony (baby horse).
    • Near the shore? Look for horseshoe crabs.
    • Research caring for a hermit crab or a hamster and see if it would make a good pet for your family.
  • hen
  • horse
  • hog
  • hare
  • hampster
  • hummingbird
  • hyena
  • hedgehog
  • hermit crab
  • horseshoe crab

Letter H Crafts for Preschoolers

Easy, fun Letter H craft ideas for preschoolers.

  • Handprint Hermit Crab Craft by Preschool Connection
  • Make Your Own Helicopter by Ben’s Coloring Pages
  • Heart-Shaped Cookie Cutter Painting
    • Dip heart-shaped cookie cutters into paint and a collage of hearts on white paper.
  • Make an outline of a heart and let your child cover the outline in one of these ways:
    • put heart stickers on it
    • dip their finger in paint and then on the outline
    • use a Q-tip dipped in paint
    • use a cotton ball or a small piece of sponge on a clothespin dipped in paint
    • use dot markers

Letter H Bible

Suggested Activities:

Letter H Books

A book collage of Letter H books for preschoolers

Here are my favorite Letter H books.

Foods That Start With H

Suggested Activities: Enjoy a family cookout with hamburgers and hotdogs.

  • hamburger
  • hotdogs
  • ham
  • honey (Never feed honey to a child under a year old)
  • hot chocolate
  • hoagie
  • hummus
  • hazelnuts
  • hotcakes

Music Words That Start With H

Here are a couple of new vocabulary words. Use these musical terms to help your preschooler develop a sense of music appreciation. A harmonica is a great inexpensive instrument you might want to let your child explore with.

  • harmonica
  • harp
  • hymn

Letter H Worksheets for Preschoolers

Collage of free Letter H worksheets for preschoolers

You can find more ideas to use with the Letter H in Alphabet Activities for Preschoolers.

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