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Letter I Activities for Preschoolers

Written by Debbie Brown | November 14, 2022

These interesting, Letter I Activities will let you pick and choose learning activities for your preschoolers.

Things that start with the Letter I

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Letter I Activities for Preschoolers

Letter I Sound

Letter I makes two sounds /i / as in ink and long /i/ as in ice.

Animals That Start With I

Fun Fact: Do you know what an inchworm turns into when it grows up? A moth.

  • ibis
  • igunas
  • impalas
  • inchworms
  • insects

Letter I Crafts for Preschoolers

Easy, fun Letter I craft ideas for preschoolers.

Letter I Bible

Suggested Activities:

  1. Read stories in a Children’s Bible about the Israelites
  2. Sing, I love Jesus Better Than Ice Cream. You can hear it on my Spotify Bible Songs for Preschool Playlist.

Letter I Books

Letter I books

Here are Letter I books you can share with your little one.

Foods That Start With I

Here are a few foods that start with the Letter I. Some fun ideas would be to make Italian bread pizzas and sip on ice cream sodas.

  • ice cream
  • ice tea
  • icing
  • Italian bread
  • ice pop
  • Italian water ice

Letter I Worksheets for Preschoolers

These fun Letter I worksheets will help your child work on handwriting and letter sounds.

Be sure to check out Alphabet Activities for Preschoolers for more fun letter activities!

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