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Alphabet Activities for Preschoolers

Alphabet letter activities for preschoolers can make learning fun. Children are born as little explorers, wanting to learn all about the world around them. At this age, play is their work. When provided with the right resources their play becomes a fun learning experience.

ABC blocks

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ABC Activities for Preschoolers

Below you will find a collection of hands-on alphabet learning activities, ideas and resources to help your child learn the letters of the alphabet in a fun way, continuing their work as play – and learning a number of skills along the way.

  1. Look for letters everywhere – around the house, in stores, on buildings, on vehicles.
  2. Sing the alphabet song.
  3. Make letters with play dough.
  4. Make a book of letters. Have your child cut out letters and pictures from magazines. Use one page for each letter.
  1. Use Letter Cookie Cutters
  • Let your child use letter cookie cutters to cut out letters in foods like jello, a sandwich, watermelon, or cranberry sauce.
a tray of cranberry sauce with the words Happy Thanksgiving cut out with cookie cutters
  • Use letter cookie cutters to cut out letters with play dough.
  1. Make letters with snack foods: pretzels, Goldfish, or cheerios. Paint with sponge letters.
  2.  Send postcards to a distant relative. This was one of my favorite activities with my daughter and her Great Grandfather. Working her way from A -Z, we looked for a postcard starting with the letter we were on. When she found one she would dictate highlights of what was happening in her life and mail it off to him.
postcards spread out

Practice Writing Letters

  1. Practice writing letters in kinetic sand, rice, or shaving cream.
  2. Practice writing letters outside with something like a stick or seashell in beach sand, dirt, or a sandbox.
  3. Write letters on a chalkboard with a paintbrush dipped in water. 
    Bonus Lesson: Have your child watch the letters disappear. Introduce your child to the word evaporation. Preschoolers LOVE big words!

Letters of their Name 

  1. Print your child’s name on a piece of paper and let them
    • Trace the letters with a marker, crayon or pencil
    • paint over the letters of their name             
    • place dots from dot markers or dot stickers on each letter
  2. Write your child’s name on a card and let them find the letters of their name using letter magnets or letter blocks.
A boy reading an alphabet book

Alphabet Books

Make reading a huge part of your child’s life. Find the best preschool books to read aloud to your child every day. Look for things your child is interested in and then find books about them.

Below is a list of some of the best alphabet books for kids – look for them at yard sales, thrift stores, and the library.

Preschool girl with alphabet puzzle

Alphabet Games and Resources

Alphabet Match Me Game

Match It! Memory – Alphabet – Capital and Lowercase Letter

Montessori Sandpaper Letters 

Alphabet Bingo Game

LeapFrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set

Alphabet Puzzle

Looking for printable alphabet worksheets? Check these Letter Worksheets for Preschoolers on our Etsy store. Use the code ABCWORKSHEETS50 and get them for 1/2 price.

More Fun Alphabet Activities for Preschoolers

ABC Songs

Looking for ABC songs that teach the letters of the alphabet and letter sounds? I’ve compiled a list of preschool favorites on a Spotify playlist for your little one to enjoy.

Also, be sure to check:

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  1. These are all such great suggestions. I like the idea of writing in sand; I think my son will love that! Thanks for sharing!

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