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Favorite Preschool Songs on Spotify by Theme

Written by Debbie Brown | January 10, 2023

Here I want to share a giant collection of my favorite preschool songs on Spotify by theme. I’ve collected this over the years. Songs have been categorized so you can easily find what you’re looking for whether it’s a particular theme, ABC songs, counting songs, naptime songs, Bible songs, or movement songs. I’ve also included storytime lists you can use for car rides or bedtime stories.

Favorite Preschool Songs on Spotify

Click on one of the boxes below to take you to the playlist on Spotify.

Children singing. Anytime Preschool Songs on Spotify

These Anytime Preschool Songs are songs preschoolers can enjoy year ’round. These have proven to be favorites in the classroom and at home.

Children singing and dancing, A boy with a bunny. Link to Movement Preschool Songs on Spotify

Movement Preschool Songs is a collection of fun songs that will help get little ones up and moving, building gross motor skills while teaching your child counting, patterns, and other preschool concepts. (Just don’t tell them it’s educational – lol)

Children getting ready for nap. Link to Naptime songs for preschoolers

All-time favorite Nap Time Songs for preschoolers. These are perfect for getting little ones to relax.

Children singing. Moses. Jesus. Noah's Ark and a dove. Link to Traditional Bible Songs for preschoolers
Children singing. Moses. Jesus. Noah's Ark and a dove. Link to Modern Bible Songs for preschoolers

For Bible songs, I’ve compiled two lists one is made up of fun traditional Bible songs children have enjoyed for generations. The Modern Bible Songs for Preschoolers has more upbeat songs praising the Lord. I’ve used these songs with preschoolers at home, during co-ops, Sunday School, and during preschool chapel time.

Cartoon Children singing, Mozart and a conductor.  Link to Fun classical Music for preschoolers on Spotify

Fun Classical Music for Preschoolers is a great way to introduce preschoolers to classical music.

Preschool carton characters listen to stories. Link to Tothood101's Preschool Storytime playlist on Spotify.

Stories for car rides, bedtime or when mommy needs a break to do mommy stuff – like cooking dinner.

Preschool cartoon characters listening to Disney stories. Link to Tothood101's Disney Preschool Story Time playlist on Spotify.
This playlist has stories from some of Disney’s favorite movies such as Cars, Frozen, Peter Pan, and Tangled.
Patriotic cartoon children. Link to USA Patriotic Songs for Preschoolers on Spotify.
Patriotic Songs perfect for 4th of July and Memorial Day Celebrations.
Preschool cartoon characters listening to Nursery Rhymes. Link to Tothood101's Nursery Rhyme Preschool Song playlist on Spotify.

Nursery Rhymes are an easy, fun way to build vocabulary skills for preschoolers. They’re also some of the first songs your little one will be able to sing from memory.
Preschool cartoon characters listening to ABC's. Link to Tothood101's ABC Preschool Songs playlist on Spotify.

Songs to help your child learn their ABCs. This playlist also has a number of songs that teach letter sounds – giving them a jump start on their reading skills.

Preschool cartoon characters listening to Counting songs. Link to Tothood101's Counting Preschool Songs playlist on Spotify.

This playlist starts with songs about the number 1, then moves on to songs counting to up 5, up 6, up 7, up 10, up 20, and then to 100.

Preschool cartoon characters listening to Fall songs. Link to Tothood101's Fall Preschool Songs playlist on Spotify.
Fall Theme songs can help your little one transition from summer into fall. This playlist has songs about trees changing colors, falling leaves, and chilly weather.

Preschool cartoon characters listening to Farm Songs. Link to Tothood101's Farm Preschool Songs on Spotify.

A collection of fun Farm Theme songs your child will love to sing.

Preschool cartoon characters listening to Thanksgiving Songs. Link to Tothood101's Thanksgiving Preschool Songs playlist on Spotify

Thanksgiving Theme songs for preschoolers to sing about turkeys and giving thanks, during the Thanksgiving holidays.

Preschool cartoon characters listening to Christmas songs. Link to Tothood101's Christmas Preschool Songs playlist on Spotify.

Favorite Preschool Christmas includes songs preschoolers love to sing like, Jingle Bells, Rudolf, Up on the House To, Silent Night, and Away in the Manger.

Cartoon children singing and a frog. Link to Frog Song Playlist link to Spotify
Fun Frog Songs for Preschoolers to go with your frog theme or to listen to just for fun. Great for a Frog Theme.
Cartoon children doing finger plays. Link to Preschool finger plays on Spotify.
Favorite finger-play songs for preschoolers.

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