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Letter J Preschool Activities

Let’s jump into the letter J. These fun hands-on, Letter J Activities will help you plan out activities your child will be excited about!

Items that start with the letter J

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Letter J Preschool Activities

  • Practice juggling with beanbags.
  • Learn how to do jumping jacks ( a great gross motor skill)
  • Try jump roping
  • For family movie night you could watch:
    • The Jonah Movie (Veggie Tales)
    • Josh and the Big Wall ( Veggie Tales)
    • The Jungle Book cartoon (Disney)
    • Joseph King of Dreams (Dream Works)
  • Learn the nursery ryhmes: Jack and Jill and Jack Be Nibble
  • Teach your child some simple kid friendly jokes.
  • Listen to songs from Jack Hartman
  • Show your child how to jog.

Letter J Sound

The letter J makes the sound /j/ as in jump.

Animals That Start With J

Here are a few animals that start with the letter J your child can learn more about.

  • jaguar
  • jackal
  • jellyfish
  • jack rabbit

Letter J Crafts for Preschoolers

Have fun with these Letter J crafts your preschooler is sure to enjoy.

Letter J Bible

There are several Bible characters that preschoolers can learn about for the letter J:

Letter J Books

Collage of Letter J Books

Use this fun collection of Letter J Books to share with your child .

Foods That Start With J

There may not be alot of foods that start with the Letter J …. BUT jello starts with J and that’s really fun food!

  • jello – There are alot of things you can do with jello.
    • Chill jello in silicone-shaped silicone ice cube trays.
    • Chill jello on a tray and let your child cut out their own shapes or letters. They can try to spell their name with the letters.
    • Color mix jello. Mix a package of blue a yellow jello together to get green, or mix red and blue to make purple, or yellow and red to make orange. CoComelon has a cute short YouTube video about color mixing with jello you might want to share with your child.
  • juice – Find your favorite fruit and make juice or juice smoothies together.
  • jelly beans
  • jam

Letter J Worksheets for Preschoolers

Enjoy these free letter j worksheets to help your preschooler practice writing and identifying letters and sounds.

Letter J Worksheet collage

Looking for more fun activities? Alphabet Activities for Preschoolers has a huge collection of ideas!

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