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Letter M Preschool Activities

Written by Debbie Brown | November 10, 2022

Here’s a magnificent collection of letter M preschool activities. Whether you are doing a letter of the week or looking for ways to help your child discover and learn more about the world around them, these letter M activities will give your child new learning experiences.

Collage of Letter M words for preschoolers.

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Letter M Preschool Activities

  • Pretend to be a mail carrier and deliver the mail
  • Make mudpies
  • Explore with magnets
  • Enjoy a family movie night with one of these shows. Every family has different values when it comes to what they want their children to see. To find out if a movie is right for your little ones, movie reviews can be a big help.
    • Madame blueberry (Veggie Tales)
    • Mary Poppins (Disney)
    • Monster, Inc (Disney)
    • Little Mermaid (Disney)
    • Night in a Museum (Disney)
  • Introduce your child to Mozart. You can hear a couple of minutes of Mozart’s Symphony No. 40. on my Fun Classical Music for Preschoolers, Spotify playlist.
  • Make milkshakes together.

Letter M Sound

The Letter M makes the sound /m/ as in milk.

Mitten Match-Up Game

Mitten Match up Game for Preschoolers

Animals That Start With M

Letter M features a number of unique animals for your child to learn about. A few of these you may be able to see at a zoo

  • monkey
  • mouse
  • moose
  • mallard
  • manatee
  • meerkat
  • mole
  • monarch butterfly
  • mosquito
  • mountain lion
  • macaw
  • mongoose
  • moth
  • marmoset
  • mule
  • muskrat
  • manta ray

Letter M Crafts for Preschoolers

Letter M crafts

These easy letter M craft ideas will be so much fun for preschoolers.

Letter M Bible

For the letter M, you could read about Moses from a children’s Bible or listen to short Bible Stories for Preschoolers on my Spotify playlist. These stories are age-appropriate. Although everything in the Bible is important, preschoolers aren’t quite ready to hear everything an adult is – stories like Moses and the Plagues can wait until they are a little older.

Letter M Books

Collage of letter M books for preschoolers

This list is packed with exciting Letter M books that preschoolers will love.

Letter M Worksheets for Preschoolers

These fun worksheets are a great way to help reinforce letter recognition, They’ll help preschoolers identify upper case and lower case letters and at the same time build fine motor skills as they practice writing. 

You can find more ideas to use with the Letter M in Alphabet Activities for Preschoolers.

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