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Letter M Preschool Activites

Here’s a magnificent collection of letter M preschool activities. Whether you are doing a letter of the week or looking for ways to help your child discover and learn more about the world around them, these letter M activities will give your child new learning experiences.

Collage of Letter M words for preschoolers.

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Letter M Preschool Activities

  • Pretend to be a mail carrier and deliver the mail
  • Make mudpies
  • Explore with magnets
  • Enjoy a family movie night with one of these shows. Every family has different values when it comes to what they want their children to see. To find out if a movie is right for your little ones, movie reviews can be a big help.
    • Madame blueberry (Veggie Tales)
    • Mary Poppins (Disney)
    • Monster, Inc (Disney)
    • Little Mermaid (Disney)
    • Night in a Museum (Disney)
  • Introduce your child to Mozart. You can hear a couple of minutes of Mozart’s Symphony No. 40. on my Fun Classical Music for Preschoolers, Spotify playlist.
  • Make milkshakes together.

Letter M Sound

The Letter M makes the sound /m/ as in milk.

Mitten Match-Up Game

Mitten Match up Game for Preschoolers

Animals That Start With M

Letter M features a number of unique animals for your child to learn about. A few of these you may be able to see at a zoo

  • monkey
  • mouse
  • moose
  • mallard
  • manatee
  • meerkat
  • mole
  • monarch butterfly
  • mosquito
  • mountain lion
  • macaw
  • mongoose
  • moth
  • marmoset
  • mule
  • muskrat
  • manta ray

Letter M Crafts for Preschoolers

Letter M crafts

Easy, fun Letter M Craft ideas for preschoolers.

Letter M Bible

For the letter M, you could read about Moses from a children’s Bible or listen to short Bible Stories for Preschoolers on my Spotify playlist. These stories are age-appropriate. Although everything in the Bible is important, preschoolers aren’t quite ready to hear everything an adult is – stories like Moses and the Plagues can wait until they are a little older.

Letter M Books

Collage of letter M books for preschoolers

This list is packed with exciting Letter M books that preschoolers will love.

Letter M Worksheets for Preschoolers

Letter M Worksheets for preschoolers

You can find more ideas to use with the Letter M in Alphabet Activities for Preschoolers.

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