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Letter A Activities for Preschoolers

Here’s an awesome collection of Letter A Activities for Preschoolers. These activities are organized into categories so you can pick and choose as you plan out learning activities for your little one.

Whether you are doing a letter of the week or looking for ways to help your child discover and learn more about the world around them, these letter A activity ideas have been designed to give your child new learning experiences.

However you choose to use these – Have FUN Together!

Letter A collage

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Letter A Activities for Preschoolers

  • Visit an apple farm
  • Visit an aquarium (or a pet store with small aquariums)
  • Alligator Small World Sensory Play by And Next Comes L
  • Play with plastic animals or stuffed animals
  • Play Ants in the Pants. Flip the ants is a great fine motor skill.
  • Ant Farm ( This is a great way to observe live ants. This is sometimes called an Ant Factory)
  • Explore sink and float activities with apples
  • Make apple sauce or an apple pie together
  • Have an apple taste test to see which apples they like the best
  • Use animal crackers to work on counting
  • Find pairs of animal cookies and pretend they are going on Noah’s ark
  • Pretend to be astronauts and try “space” freeze-dried ice cream. The link will take you to Amazon but you can find it in the camping sections of stores.
  • Observe ants outside or start an ant farm
  • Collect acorns
  • Identify the parts of an apple (skin, seed, stem…)
  • Explain what it means to sing A cappella ( singing without music ) There’s a fun YouTube version of Baby Shark song in a cappella you can use to illustrate the concept to your child.

Letter A Sound

The letter A makes a short sound as /a/ in apple. It also makes a long sound where it says its own name as in /a/ for ape. There are a number of words that have been left out here because the sound is confusing (like airplane and artic) for the preschooler just starting to learn their letter sounds.

Animals That Start With A

Suggested activities: visit a zoo, read preschool stories or magazines about animals, watch nature videos, and play with plastic animals, animal puzzles or animal puppets. Draw or color pictures of animals.

What can you teach? The name of the animal, what they look like, what sounds they make, what they eat, where they live,

  • albatross
  • alligator
  • alpaca
  • angelfish
  • anteater
  • antelope
  • ants
  • ape

Letter A Crafts for Preschoolers

Easy, fun Letter A craft ideas for preschoolers.

Letter A Bible

  1. Adam and Eve – Read about Adam and Eve in a children’s Bible your preschooler can understand. Some topics you could use:
    • God created Adam and Eve
    • Adam names the Animals
    • Adam and Eve disobey God
  2. You might also enjoy watching Bible story episodes with your child on Amazon Prime or YouTube like:
    • The Beginner’s Bible or Superbook (for older preschoolers- you may want to preview first )

Letter A Books

Here are my favorite Letter A books. These books can be a springboard for other activities.

Letter A Worksheets for Preschoolers

If your child enjoys worksheets they will have fun with these as they continue to work on the letter A.

Letter A Worksheets

Looking for more letter activities? Check out Alphabet Activities for Preschoolers for ideas with endless possibilities.

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