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Letter B Preschool Activities

Here you will find a big collection of letter B preschool activities. These activity ideas and word lists are organized into categories so you can pick and choose as you plan out learning activities for your little one.

Things that start with the letter B

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Letter B Activities for Preschoolers

  • Letter B Sensory by Penguins in Pink
  • Go on a color hunt – look for things that are blue, brown, or black
  • Build a Craft Stick Bridge by Preschool Tool Kit
  • Go on a Find and Count Bug Hunt from No Time for Flashcards
  • Play or watch baseball or basketball
  • Catch, throw and kick balls
  • Go bowling
  • Build with blocks
  • Collect and sort buttons
  • Play with balloons – try to keep them up in the air
  • Blow bubbles
  • Indoor Bath Treasure Hunt by What Does Mama Say
  • Look for barns on your next road trip.
  • look for bridges ( footbridges on nature walks count, too)
  • visit the beach
  • go to the boardwalk
  • visit a battlefield in your area
  • go for a boat ride
  • visit a bakery
  • visit a bank
  • visit a bookstore
  • play with Bear Math Counters. Check out these articles for lots of fun hands-on math activities.
  • go on a teddy bear picnic together

Letter B Sound

The letter B makes the sound /b/ as in bear.

Animals That Start With B

Suggested Activities: go on a bug hunt, go bird watching, use a butterfly kit and let your child watch caterpillars turn into butterflies, look for some of these animals in books, magazines, or at a zoo. Some of these can even be found in your own backyard.

What can you teach about animals? The name of the animal, what they look like, what sounds they make, what they eat, and where they live.

  • bats
  • bunny
  • baboons
  • butterflies
  • beavers
  • birds – Start a bird theme with your child – check out Preschool Bird Activities for plenty of fun ideas.
  • bugs
  • bees
  • bison
  • beetles
  • badger

Letter B Crafts for Preschoolers

Easy, fun Letter B crafts for preschoolers.

Letter B Bible

  • For Letter B Bible you could read stories from a children’s Bible about:
    • Tower of Babel
    • Balaams talking donkey
    • Ruth and Boaz
    • Baby Jesus
    • Jesus healing a blind man

Letter B Books

Foods That Start with B

There are so many fun foods that start with the Letter B

Suggestions: make banana bread, or banana splits, pick blueberries or blackberries – wash them off and eat them or make muffins or pancakes with them, make butter from whipping cream (you can see instructions on my Farm Activities for Preschoolers post)

  • bacon
  • banana
  • banana bread
  • banana split
  • beans
  • beef
  • biscuits
  • blackberries
  • blueberries
  • blueberry muffins
  • bologna
  • bread
  • broccoli
  • brownies
  • burritos
  • butter

Movies, Shows and Videos

Every family has different values when it comes to what they want their children to see. To find out if a movie is right for your little ones, movie reviews can be a big help.

  • Beauty and the Beast Movie
  • Blues Clues (Series)
  • Bob the Builder (Series)
  • Bear in the Big Blue House (Series)
  • Follow That Bird (Big Bird – Sesame Street Movie)

Music Words that Start with B

Use these musical terms to help your preschooler develop a sense of music appreciation. Look for live performances near you or visit a music store to look at the instruments.

  • banjo
  • bongos
  • bagpipes
  • ballet
  • bass guitar
  • bluegrass
  • blues
  • bugle
  • band
  • bells

Science Words That Start with B

Suggestions: Visit a beekeeping expedition, explore different ways to build a bridge ( with blocks, Legos, couch cushions…), when you’re riding around, look for different types of buildings in your area

  • bees
  • blocks
  • buildings
  • boats
  • bridges
  • trace your child’s body with the Life Size Me Activity for Preschoolers from ABCs to Acts
  • bonfire
  • barns
  • bushes
  • boxcars
  • brain
  • brook
  • explore colors: black, blue, and brown

Letter B Worksheets for Preschoolers

Bird Nest and Eggs Counting Game

Nest and egg counting game counting 1-10. Link to download

Looking for more letter activities? Check out Alphabet Activities for Preschoolers for ideas with endless possibilities.

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