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Letter R Preschool Activities

Written by Debbie Brown | November 5, 2022

Here’s some really fun letter R preschool activities. These ideas will help you make learning fun for your little one.

Things that start with the Letter R for preschoolers.

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Letter R Preschool Activities

This collection of letter R activities is loaded with fun educational activities.

  • Play red light green light
  • Learn the nursery rhyme Ring Around the Rosies
  • Play out in the rain together.
  • Look for rainbows and it rains.
  • Go on a rectangle hunt.
  • Search for things that are red.
  • Pretend to be robots.
  • Try learning to jump rope.
  • Use a ramp to have a Matchbox car race.
  • Use rhythm sticks to the beat of the music. (any sticks will do)
  • Try playing a recorder
  • Strip fruit loops on a piece of yarn to make a rainbow necklace.
  • Read lots of books! Read about anything your little learner is interested in. Check out these books list for some ideas.
  • Enjoy sensory play with rice.

Letter R Sound

The Letter R makes the sound /r/ as in rug.

Skip the flash cards and listen to Jack Hartman – Learn the Letter R, instead. This is a fun way to explore letter recognition the letter sounds r makes, and what the upper case R and lowercase letter r looks like.

Letter R Themes You Can Explore

  • Learn about the rainforest
  • Talk about rockets and outer space.
  • Learn how to use a ruler while doing simple measuring activities.
  • Learn about reptiles.

Animals That Start With R

Depending on where you live, there are several animals on this list you can look for in the wild or at a zoo.

  • rabbits
  • rattlesnake
  • robins
  • raccoon
  • rat
  • reindeer
  • rhinoceros
  • rooster

Letter R Crafts for Preschoolers

Your little one will love these easy, fun Letter R crafts.

Letter R Crafts for Preschoolers

Letter R Bible

  • Learn about why God created rainbows. Check out Noah’s Ark for Kids Activities to find books, craft ideas, and resources to help you share the story of Noah with your preschooler.
  • The story of Ruth is another good topic. You could share the story of Ruth and Noami or the story of Ruth with Boaz. My First Hands-on Bible has both of these stories.

Letter R Books

Letter R Books for preschoolers.

Here’s some great Letter R books preschoolers love!

Letter R Worksheets for Preschoolers

Here are free printable activities for preschoolers who enjoy worksheets.

Looking for more fun, hands-on letter activities? Check out Alphabet Activities for Preschoolers.

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