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Letter W Preschool Activities

Written by Debbie Brown | October 30, 2022

Here’s a wonderful collection of letter W preschool activities. Whether you are doing a letter of the week or looking for ways to help your child discover and learn more about the world around them, these letter W activity ideas have been designed to give your child new learning experiences.

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Letter W Preschool Activities

These ideas are organized into categories so you can pick and choose as you plan out learning activities for your little one.

  • fun water activities
    • outside water play, kiddie pool, water squirt guns, splash balls, sprinklers…
    • water balloons
  • sink and float experiments – you can find lots of activities at Sink and Float Activities for Preschoolers
  • add plastic worms to the sandbox
  • for family movie night watch Winnie the Pooh
  • share some water ice together
  • start a worm farm – this link is to a small tabletop version where your child can observe the worms. It also comes with suggested experiments like how long it takes worms to bury a penny!
  • Themes you could explore:
    • Winter
    • Weather
    • Water
  • Read Wacky Wednesday by Theo LeSieg (aka Dr. Seuss)
    • Using this book for inspiration set up a wacky scene one Wednesday. This is just about as much fun to set up as it is for the children to discover it.
  • Go for a walk – a nature walk, a walk around the block or at a park
  • Enjoy some watermelon
  • Check out this What’s Inside the Whale Activity

Letter W Sound

The Letter W makes the sound /w/ as in wagon.

Animals That Start With W

Suggested activities: Using the list below check out books to learn more about what each animal looks like, what sounds they make, what they eat, where they live and other interesting facts.

  • walrus
  • weasel
  • wasp
  • wolverine
  • wallaby
  • wombat
  • woodpecker
  • warthog
  • wolf
  • whale
  • worms
  • whooping crane

Letter W Crafts for Preschoolers

Letter W craft project sfor preschoolers

Letter W craft ideas for preschoolers

Letter W Bible

Suggested Activities:

  • Jesus Walks on Water (Matthew 14: 22 – 33)
  • The Wisemen Visit Baby Jesus (Matthew 2:1 -11)
  • God Creates the World (Genesis 1)
  • Songs to sing. You can listen to all of these and more on my Spotify Bible Songs for Preschoolers playlist. Also, check out more Favorite Song Lists, they’re all listed by theme.
    • He’s Got The Whole World in His Hands
    • The Wise Man Builds His House Upon the Rock
    • Isn’t He Wonderful
    • Deep and Wide

Letter W Books

Here are some preschool favorites for letter W books:

Letter W Worksheets for Preschoolers

You can find more ideas to use with the Letter W in Alphabet Activities for Preschoolers.

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