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Letter D Activities for Preschoolers

Let’s dive into Letter D! In this article, you will find plenty of FUN letter D activities for preschoolers!

Letter D and items that start with D

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Letter D Activities for Preschoolers

  • Play Duck Duck Goose
    • If you don’t have enough children you can use stuffed animals in a circle and then you can pick up the animal your child chooses and chase your child with it.
  • Play Pin the Tail on the Donkey
  • Dance – you’ll find plenty of songs on Favorite Preschool Songs on Spotify by Theme
  • Dig in the dirt (no explanation needed – lol)
  • Play Doggy Doggy Where’s Your Bone
  • Play with Domino’s
  • Play with dolls / dollhouse
  • Play with dump trucks
  • Play with dinosaurs
  • Daydream – grab a blanket and lay out under the clouds and just daydream together
  • Make drums out of containers, pots, or boxes.

Letter D Sound

Letter D makes the sound /d/ as in dog.

Animals That Start With D

Suggested activities: find out what each animal looks like, what sounds they make, what they eat, and where they live, visit a zoo, read preschool stories or magazines about the animal, watch nature videos, play with plastic animals, animal puzzles, or animal puppets, draw or color animal pictures of the animal.

  • dinosaurs
  • dogs
  • dolphins
  • doves
  • ducks
  • donkeys
  • deer
  • dragonflies
  • dalmatians
  • dachshunds

Letter D Crafts for Preschoolers

A week’s worth of easy, fun Letter D craft ideas for your preschoolers to create.

  1. Cute Paper Bag Duck Kids Craft by I Heart Crafty Things
  2. Easy 3D Paper Plate Doughnut Craft by Arts and Crackers
  3. Secret Life of Pets Max the Dog Craft by Craft Create Cook
  4. Learning About Dolphins: Fact Craft Spinner by A Little Pinch of Perfect
  5. Dinosaur Stomp
    • Let your child dip the feet of a plastic dinosaur into paint and then stomp the dinosaur onto paper.

Letter D Bible

Suggested Letter D Bible Topics:

  • David and the Giant
  • Daniel and the Lions Den
  • disciples
  • devotions
    • if you haven’t already, you may want to start a family devotion time

Letter D Books

Letter D book collage

In this list of preschool favorite Letter D books, the ones with this icon are my💕 MUST READ books!

Foods That Start With D

Suggestions: Make a new dessert with your little one to share with the family.

  • doughnuts
  • dates
  • dessert
  • dumplings
  • Danish
  • dried fruit

Shows for Kids

Every family has different values when it comes to what they want their children to see. To find out if a movie is right for your little ones, movie reviews can be a big help.

  • Dave and the Giant Pickle (Veggie Tales version of David and Goliath)
  • Daniel Tigers Neighborhood [series]

Science Words that Start with D

  • daffodil
  • daisy
  • dandelion
  • dark
  • day
  • dentist
  • deserts
  • dirt
  • doctor
  • doorbell
  • drawbridge
  • doctor

Letter D Worksheets for Preschoolers

If your child enjoys worksheets they will have fun with these as they continue to work on the letter D.

Collage of Letter D worksheets. Link is below.

Be sure to check out Alphabet Activities for Preschoolers for more ideas.

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